3FVape Offer Only $7.99 – Taifun BT style RTA

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3FVape Offer Get Only $7.99 – Taifun BT Style RTA Rebuildable Tank Vape Atomizer – Silver, Stainless Steel, 5ml, 23mm Diameter

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The Taifun BT style RTA is made from stainless steel and glass in 23mm diameter and holds 5ml capacity. The Taifun BT style RTA does not use traditional coils with wires but unbelievable durable stainless steel mesh with an extra-large surface for a brand new vaping experience, massive vapor clouds and flavor beyond words. The vapor and still the e-liquid and atomizer itself stay comfortably cool as the stainless steel mesh heatens very fast but cool down immediately, too. The top-filling system mesh cotton coil atomizer, an absolute premium class atomizer, is as expected build on highest quality standards in order to produce a high-satisfying device for an overwhelming vaping experience.

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