Clatterans Deal VCV10x3 HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Air Filter


WAS: $49.99

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Expire Date: 08/07/2020

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  • The filter is compatible with Dyson V10 Cyclone series, V10 Absolute, V10 Animal, V10 Total Clean and SV12.
  • To avoid secondary air pollution, the premium Vacuum HEPA filters adopt the two-in-one design of high efficiency to block fine particles, floating dust, pollen etc, so you can enjoy fresh and clean air at home.
  • The HEPA filters are made of high-strength and environmentally friendly materials for optimal performance, keeping your house clean and improving the interior air quality.
  • Regular cleaning can maintain filters’ high-efficient filtration capacity. It is recommended to wash the filters with warm water by hands. If needed, you can add some mild detergent to help washing. After cleaning, let them dry completely before reuse. It is better to replace the filter every two to three months.

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