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Our Verdict: #1 high-performance hosting

Liquid Web is a managed web hosting company providing the best hosting products and support. With over 15 years of experience, 24/7/365 on-site Heroic Support® and 3 wholly-owned data centers. We offer fast and reliable VPS, Storm Cloud, Dedicated Server, HIPAA Server and Word Press plans, within a fully managed environment.

Liquid Web Hosting Coupons and Deals Just For you:

When you Purchase any hosting OR VPS, dedicated server with our Deals than you can get Exclusive Discounts and save lots of money.

WordPress Web Hosting:

We believe the best partnership for your business is your hosting provider. After all, you rely on your hosting provider to be secure, stable and have around the clock support. Businesses trust Liquid Web because of our excellent track record with hosting mission-critical WordPress sites.

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Plans & Pricing:

Our plans were designed to grow with your business, starting at just $29 per month with no hidden charges. Give one of our monthly plans a try and experience the Liquid Web Difference today.

Liquid Web Hosting Coupons 2021

Now with annual plans and available in both the US and Europe!

Liquid Web Hosting Coupons

If you’re using WordPress as your content management system (CMS), and you’re looking for a fully-managed hosting package that:

  • Has been specially tweaked to maximize your sites’ performance and guarantee security
  • Doesn’t limit the number of visitors to your site or the number of plugins you use
  • Automatic daily backups
  • Automatic SSL
  • Full server access
  • Developer tools
  • 24hours Support
  • Fully managed WordPress

VPS Web Hosting:

Liquid Web Hosting Coupons and promo codes

All VPS hosting isn’t created equal. Liquid Web’s managed virtual private servers (VPS) provide you with the power of a dedicated server and the flexibility of cloud hosting. And if you need support, you’ll work with the Most Helpful Humans in Hosting®. They’re available to assist 24/7/365 via phone, email, or chat.

Liquid Web Managed VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting options are the ideal solution when you require the control of a dedicated server, but need to keep your monthly costs down.

Plans & Pricing:

Get it all: power, performance and flexible pricing. VPS Hosting starts as low as $29/mo with an annual plan.

Liquid Web Hosting Coupon codes

Enjoy VPS Hosting That’s Faster Than AWS, Rackspace, and Digital Ocean

Liquid Web servers outperform other major VPS hosting options across the board. Verified speeds tests have been conducted by Cloud Spectator, an independent 3rd party cloud analytics firm.

Liquid Web Hosting

Who wouldn’t want server performance that’s up to 200% faster?

If you want a server with significant power, but without the high dedicated-server price tag, check out Liquid Web’s VPS servers. Unlike many other VPS services I have reviewed, Liquid Web only charges for the number of days you use the service per month, which comes in handy if you decided to cancel your account.

All VPS plans come standard with the following features:

  • Instant provisioning
  • Free bandwidth for incoming traffic; 5 TB of bandwidth for outgoing traffic
  • Daily billing, so you only pay for what you use plus easy scalability for upgrades and downgrades
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Firewalls
  • CloudFlare CDN
  • Built-in local backups
  • Protection against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks
  • ServerSecure
  • Excellent, 24/7 support
  • SSD RAID 1 primary drives

Dedicated Web Hosting:

if you’re looking to build your website on the strongest possible foundation, however, you’ll want to check out Liquid Web’s dedicated server offerings. They come in a variety of configurations, ranging from a single processor (starting at $199 per month) to a high end, dual-core processor (starting at $859 per month). Clearly, Liquid Web’s dedicated servers are aimed at businesses that want sharp website performance and that have the money to spend on it.

Liquid Web Hosting plans

Regardless of which of Liquid Web’s data centers you choose to host your site, your dedicated hosting plan comes with the following:

  • 100% network uptime guarantee
  • ServerSecure
  • 24/7 sonar monitoring
  • Excellent, 24/7 support
  • SSD RAID 1 primary drives
  • Protection against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks
  • Built-in local backups
  • Gigabit uplink
  • CloudFlare CDN

Security Features:

Want Security? Liquid Web’s got you covered. The company offers firewalls, SSL, virtual private networks (VPN), malware scanning and removal, and much more.
Some features come bundled with specific packages, while others you’ll need to purchase as add-ons. Liquid Web has free nightly backups, too, which will safeguard you should your site suffer massive damage.

Overviewing Liquid Web’s security and reliability for all 25,000+ servers, you get:

  • 3 privately owned core data centers
  • On-site security
  • Geographic redundancy
  • Constant monitoring by hardware professionals
  • Premium bandwidth
  • Redundant networks
  • Professional cooling and power systems


Basic scheduled and account-level backups are at your disposal for free.

Liquid Web, however, offers an advanced cloud backup plan starting at $12/month, which lands you:

  • Full server backups
  • Daily automatic backups
  • On-demand backups
  • Whole server restoration
  • Bare-metal restoration
  • Physically isolated storage

Excellent Customer Service:

Liquid Web boasts of its excellent Heroic Support customer service team, a squad of knowledgeable people who assist you in under a minute if you reach out by phone, under 30 minutes if you submit a help desk ticket, and under 59 seconds if you reach out by chat. Sounds good, yes? It is.
I fired up the web chat on a weekday afternoon to ask a representative about how to import my WordPress.com setup into Liquid Web. A rep came to my aid seconds later and gave me a friendly, thorough explanation. I was impressed with the speed and thoroughness of the response.

Liquid Web Hosting Pros and Cons:


  • Offers a wide range of high-performance plans
  • Industry-leading support
  • One of the few hosts to offer 100% uptime guarantee


  • No shared hosting — just advanced plans
  • Knowledgebase could be better organized

Money-Back Guarantee:

Since Liquid Web is pricey, it’s good that the service’s plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is usual in the web hosting industry. Still, considering the amount of money that a company is likely to spend for Liquid Web hosting, it would be nice to see a larger refund window. DreamHost$4.95 at DreamHost – Shared, for example, has an impressive 97-day money-back guarantee.

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